The DSDS winner Pietro Lombardi fell asleep on Wednesday – and thus triggered a huge water disaster. His whirlpool overflowed when it was put in water, flooding the garden right away and flooding the garage as well. But help was at the musician’s side.

A mishap happened to Pietro Lombardi: The DSDS winner fell asleep on Wednesday afternoon – of all things when he let the water run in his whirlpool. In his Instagram story, Lombardi shares his water faux pas with his fans.

The DSDS winner shows his overflowing whirlpool in the garden of his Cologne villa. Lombardi can still laugh about it. “Garage – all full of water. I love it,” he writes on Instagram with a laugh emoji. Luckily for him, Lombardi has active help at his side. His friends support the musician and quickly help with pumping. A pond pump lets the water splash out of the whirlpool.

The improvised fountain directly inspired Pietro Lombardi. The 30-year-old is now considering buying a pond with a small waterfall in his garden. The singer admits that he wanted it to be a little more romantic


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