Bizarre scenes on the estate of Dieter Bohlen (65)! On the Mega-property of the German Pop Titan in Tötensen (D) was triggered yesterday Alarm. The police did not hesitate for long and sent, according to the “picture” immediately three patrol cars.

On the Bohlen Villa belonging to the Park officials were able to, finally, a 21-Year-old set. The had climbed over the fence and had damaged Remain a window to Bohlen. Then he had wandered aimlessly around the site. During the interview with the police of the severely drunk, Bayer suffered a circulatory collapse. No wonder: As it’s an ambulance brought to the nearby hospital in the town of Buchholz, resulted in a alcohol control, that the burglar had a 2.66 per thousand in the blood.

“We don’t know what he wanted”

“We know not yet exactly what he wanted on the property,” says a police officer with the burglary. The 21-Year-old himself has denied the statement.

Dieter Bohlen himself was the hustle and bustle afterwards. Because of the Pop Titan was not on the premises. The TV Star was traveling with his girlfriend Carina (34) and his children, Amelie (8) and Max (6) to Bremen, to shoot new episodes for “The super talent”. (klm)