Drozdenko Leningrad region demonstrates high performing discipline

St. PETERSBURG, April 23 – RIA Novosti. The authorities of Leningrad region in 2019 was able to fulfill all 311 orders and directives of the President and government of Russia, said the head of the Department coordinate execution of orders and instructions of the President of Russia of administration of the Governor and government of Leningrad region Alexander Gromov at a meeting of the regional government.

According to the report Gromov, the largest number of orders had on the social block 122 of the document and the scope of construction and housing – 78 orders. Among the orders of the Governor of Leningrad region, a significant portion of the documents concerned the road Fund, construction, housing and communal services and fuel and energy complex – 391 instructions on the social unit received 249 orders.

the Governor also noted quality growth discipline of officials by order of the Governor. In 2012, the figure was 58%, now it has reached to 99.7%.

however, the trend of postponement of the execution of instructions. In this regard, the Governor has disposed to punish the unscrupulous employees of the ruble. So, with the third postponement of the execution of the order, it is submitted for consideration of the personnel of the Council, the fifth leader of the responsible Committee will deprive of the award.