Dropped 100 kg music producer Maxim Fadeev on his page on Instagram and told followers that to get rid of extra weight helped him Jogging. 52-year-old composer was regularly engaged in this sport.

the social network Fadeev published a photograph of himself after the next run.

“Run! Caught in the rain! The mood in the mountain.” — wrote in the caption to the publishing producer.

Publish from MAXIM FADEEV (@fadeevmaxim) 12 Jul 2020 10:52 PDT

In comments to the post, the Internet users asked Fadeev to reveal the secret of his diet, but while the musician tells more about the food system. He only advised not to be lazy and regularly run.

Run Fadeev has not stopped and quarantined, he was running kilometres on the treadmill at home.

Previously, Maxim announced that his method of dumping excess pounds does not involve pills and “special tortures”.