As before, the main demonstration site – Park “Patriot”, Alabino, airfield Kubinka. The first big demonstration area organised at the Ashuluk firing range near Astrakhan. There will be presenting the latest air defense systems. The highlight will be a demonstration of building a layered defense against massive attacks of cruise missiles and various drones. No doubt, foreign participants of the forum such a display will cause a great interest. By the way, their participation in the forum have confirmed more than 70 countries. Some have reported a very high level representation.

it is Planned to provide over 700 units of equipment and weapons. In dynamic displays with live firing will take part more than 400 pieces of military equipment. Some will show for the first time.

Fans of military history, of course, will attract Avenue of the tanks. It is dedicated to the centenary of Russian tank development. There you will see the 22 model of armored vehicles that left the most significant mark not only in our, but also in the world tank manufacturing.

One of the most interesting exhibits dedicated to the latest and future unmanned aircraft. It is planned to hold an international competition for a drone-biathlon and, for the first time, racing drones at speed.

As promised, new products are planned to show a lot. One of them is the transport and landing ship air cushion “Husky-10”. It will present the concern “Kalashnikov”. “Husky-10” is capable of taking aboard up to ten tons of cargo, including wheeled and tracked equipment, and deliver to remote areas at speeds of over 70 km/h.

for the First time will show a promising 152-mm self-propelled gun 2ะก43 “mallow”. The peculiarity is that a powerful gun mounted on a wheeled chassis. As previously reported, this will replace the artillery system in the army all heavy towed guns. A significant feature of the “Mallow” is that after applying artudara battery self-propelled guns can leave firing position twenty times faster than their predecessors towed.