The VW Tiguan Allspace is advertised as an XL SUV. But is he really that big? The FOCUS online test report clarifies which promises the Volkswagen keeps and what buyers can expect for a basic price of 53,000 euros.

An SUV is a large car, an XL SUV can probably only roll down the highways in the USA without an accident. Or? Of course it’s not that bad, there’s also a lot of marketing involved. The Tiguan Allspace is the big brother of the successful Tiguan model. It is 21.5 cm longer, has a wheelbase that is almost 11 cm longer and the trunk volume is at least 760 liters. That’s 265 liters more than the “normal” Tiguan.

In terms of sales, the Allspace is definitely a fixture and has even been a bit more popular than the Tiguan for some time. This is understandable, as there are even seven seats available as an option, with the third row of seats being able to be lowered completely.

The “Life” equipment variant starts at 38,970 euros, the test car shows the premium version “Elegance” which starts at 49,325 euros. The standard equipment here includes amenities such as LED matrix headlights with LED daytime running lights, cornering lights and dynamic turn signals, dynamic main beam control “Dynamic Light Assist”, keyless locking and starting system “Keyless Access” with Safe fuse, side airbags for the outer seats of the 2nd row of seats, including front side airbags and head airbag system, tailgate with sensor-controlled opening and closing, with remote unlocking or the automatic distance control ACC “stop

With the most powerful 245 hp petrol engine and all-wheel drive, at least 53,000 euros are due. And with the business premium package (1720 euros) and individual seats in the 3rd row (750 euros), the wallet will be lightened by at least 55,000 euros. It turns out that inflation is also having an impact here. In mid-2021, the top petrol engine was available for 49,300 euros, now it is 3,700 euros more. Of course, this not only affects VW, but all car manufacturers.

The Allspace has enough power under the hood. No wonder, this engine also powers the GTI. With an acceleration of 6.3 seconds to 100 km/h, the car is really fast on the road, the selectable sport program supports the propulsion. If you would like something a little more fuel-efficient and do without double-digit consumption, you should choose the eco mode with coasting function. But even with an extremely anticipatory driving style, the weight of the car and all-wheel drive are noticeable – a 7 is always in front of the comma. Overall, the question arises as to whether the basic petrol engine with 150 hp is the better choice in terms of price-performance. If you don’t have to look at the last euro, you are well advised to use the transversely installed four-cylinder with all-wheel drive and are always on the move quickly.

If you need space, the Allspace is the right choice. The VW is completely sufficient for 5 people and also swallows the necessary luggage. Since there are not three equivalent seats in row 2 as in the Sharan or Touran, comfort in the middle seat is naturally somewhat reduced. The trunk also offers plenty of space, although the Skoda Kodiaq does a little better in this area.

A VW for more than 50,000 euros, you will have to get used to that in times of inflation. Even the basic version of the Tiguan Allspace easily exceeds the 40,000 euro mark with a few extras. In return, the buyer gets a powerful Wolfsburg SUV that reaches a top speed of almost 230 km/h and is also suitable for winter with all-wheel drive.