In General, illegal turnover of alcohol in Russia is estimated at 30-35% of the total.

RAR shared with other services in the first quarter gave 44,5 thousand inspections of organizations that produce and sell alcohol, the report of Rosstat “Socio-economic situation of Russia” for Jan-APR 2020.

All inspectors have identified nearly 25 thousand violations. The vast majority of them (14 thousand) related to the rules of alcohol trade, the second highest number was the absence of a license (it wasn’t in 2.7 thousand cases), and the third — a violation of the accounting treatment of alcohol (1 thousand cases). In addition, there were output without marking, the distortion data on the volume of production and turnover, use of counterfeit trademarks.

By region of the disruption was unevenly distributed. Most — about 7 thousand were recorded in the Volga region of 4.5 million cases of non-compliance of the law found in the Central Federal district (1,1 million of them in Moscow), and almost 4 thousand in Siberia. Most became law-abiding North Caucasus Federal district — there is found only 1.1 thousand violations.

supervisors amounted to 23 thousand protocols on administrative violations and opened a 1.1 million criminal cases.

Rosstat Data indicate the effectiveness of audits, have informed “news” in the Net. It noted that we are talking about alcohol, released without a license, excise duty, compliance with standards and intended for sale through illegal channels.

— these products can carry a real threat to the health of potential consumers, warned in an organization.

Rosstat “news” reported that similar scale monitoring activities took place in 2019 and 2018 — then the Net spent 178 thousand and 186 thousand inspections, respectively.

the Illegal sale of strong alcohol in Russia as a whole today is estimated at about 30%, said the President of the Union of alcohol producers Igor Kosarev.

the Illegal sale of alcohol is extremely beneficial in permanent tightening of the rules and the annual increase in excise duties by 4%, stated Igor Kosarev.

— In the bottle, which is, for example, 230 rubles, 180 rubles is the excise tax. If it does not pay, the seller may multiple to increase your income — and, unfortunately, many use it. In addition, in recent years, due “crackdown” in a two-fold reduction in the number of stores with a license for the implementation of alcohol: in 2013-2014, they had 400 thousand organizations, and in 2020 only 215 thousand., — said the expert.

He added that lost their permission to trade shops activity is not stopped — now they sell alcohol “by cash”, buying with the help of social networks produced homemade alcohol. The result is the uncontrolled realization of the threat to the health of citizens of the goods, concluded Igor Kosarev.

PAP provides verification of address where there are signs of trafficking alcohol. Therefore, on the basis of control measures the share of illegal products was so high, said the head of the Center of researches Federal and regional alcohol markets Vadim Drobiz. In reality illegal-surrogate spirits account for about 35% of the total market, he said.

to Reduce the number of illegal alcohol will only one thing — increase the salaries of citizens, the expert believes.

— to Deal with shady sale of alcohol is possible only economic measures.

Today the minimum wage in Russia is set at 12 130 rubles.

However, one of the recent achievements in the alcohol industry expert acknowledged the decline in the share of illegal products into the legitimate retail: in 2016 it dropped to 0%, he said.