Royalty-free It turns out that Harry (35), and Meghan (age 38) than in their dream house in italy. According to The Sun, the couple have a house in Malibu, and to be converted to 14 million euros. The villa is on the sea, it was owned by Mel Gibson (64).

with The news that Harry and Meghan finally found a home found, was once a real estate agent, Andrea, the Pilot is on Instagram posted: “Great news! Harry and Meghan are buying the home of Mel Gibson.” The Sun got in touch with the agency, but who removed the post. “I’ve had the house not sold, to you,” she said. “I don’t know who did it. It was just a post about Meghan and Harry.”

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A source, however, is to know that the home of the Gibson definitely has to be sold. On the question of whether Harry and Meghan, the owners, are following in the reply: “There has been a non-disclosure agreement is signed. However, you are a very, very, very hot.”

moving from Canada to California, had been on the agenda. “Canada was a good compromise, but it was not the place they wanted to stay. In Los Angeles, they have a larger network, both in personal life and in business. This is Meghan and there growing up, and she would be happy to take you home,” said an insider earlier about the proposed move.

for example, If it is true that Harry and Meghan, the home of the Gibson, buy it, then they’re in luck. “It’s wonderful,” reveals the source. “So, you may cast a glance on it and they wanted it to have. It is very, very far away. There is nothing of that sort to be on sale at the moment.” The house with sea views, two swimming pools, a fitness center, and it was 18 months ago and has been fully renovated.