Under pressure Texaid in the spring has put some Numbers to the business with the old clothes out. Now full transparency follows. For the first time the company is presented by CEO Martin Böschen of the annual report to the Public.

of Particular interest is the wage of the boss, after this fall because of his luxury life in the criticism. 298’500 Swiss francs earned Böschen last year as CEO and the Board of Directors. That was the same as in the previous year. 78’232 Swiss francs, the CEO got as a performance-based Bonus.

million for charities

To the participating charities 2018 2.6 million francs, 300’000 Swiss francs went to the private shareholders fin the family of the CEO. The two parties share the company half and half.

12.4 million Swiss francs had been paid out, including profit distributions and dividends to non-profit organizations and projects. Of these, about a school for young women in Uganda, or the project benefited Linguadukt, a cross-cultural interpreting services in Switzerland.

Texaid collected according to the annual report 2018, more clothes and also more money, implemented below-the-line, the company wrote, nevertheless, a loss.