DRCongo should have declared ebolaudbruddet for over Sunday. But within a few days two people died.

While most of the world is trying to combat the ongoing coronavirusudbrud, another dreaded virus – ebola – again cost lives in the central african country The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

It informs the world health Organization (WHO) on Sunday.

There are two deaths within the past few days.

Friday, dead a 26-year-old electrician in the city of Beni after being infected with ebola. It was the first smittetilfælde for over 50 days in the DRCongo.

Death put an end to the country’s original plans to declare ebolaudbruddet for over Sunday.

instead, the country has Sunday registered one more death related to ebola.

This is a 11 months old girl, who was associated with the 26-year-old man from Beni, who on Friday died.

the DRCongo had hoped to be able to put ebolaudbruddet behind him instead to focus its energies on the worldwide coronavirusudbrud.

It is not known how the 26-year-old man was infected with ebola. He had not had contact with other persons who were confirmed infected.

He had also not previously been infected, then there could not be, that the virus had come back, inform the government.

the WHO has identified 215 individuals who have had contact with the 26-year-old electrician. 53 of them are health-care workers at three different health facilities.