so what are graduates in 2020?

Half of the students stated that they called. Every third believes that he was fine. And only 5 percent of respondents said that “in the University they were “Mr/Mrs-retake”.

Two-thirds of graduates said that they worked while studying. Nearly half – 44 percent – on a regular basis.

plans for the future the situation is this: 38 percent are going to study further – to act in a magistracy, to obtain a second degree or be graduate students. Another 40 percent plan to go to work, mostly in the specialty. And the rest decided to “devote himself to the family”, to serve in the army or not yet determined.

In the survey, the children told us what they remembered his student years. Most of them in the first place put friends I met while studying. For many an indelible mark in the memory leave overnight in a College Dorm. Also will remember the participation in youth forums, Kvny, volunteer practice grants. Someone found their mate in the University company, and some even managed to become parents. All this, of course, unforgettable.

with the benefit of Hindsight, graduates noted that they lacked during their studies. And here attention, universities! More than half said they had insufficient practical skills in the chosen profession, and 44 per cent would like to study abroad, 36 per cent of internships in other universities. Also lacked an adequate level of foreign language, business skills, it, presentation skills, project management and knowledge in the field of culture and art.

Interestingly, more than half of the graduates believe in omens, and follow them during training.

Top features:

– ask friends or relatives to berate yourself during the exam

– put a coin in the shoes, and books and books under the pillow,

– to go to all of the exams in the same clothes

– do not wash before the test head,

– to set the record book out the window and call “free”.