the “Project”Moscow seasons” house” has prepared events for the first week of June. Visitors will be able to participate in master classes of “Soyuzmultfilm” to listen to an excerpt from “the Twelve chairs” by Ilf and Petrov in the performance of the speaker and Director Arif Rzayev, as well as to learn how to cook cod in a creamy sauce.

to the children’s Day, children and their parents, the film Studio “sojuzmultfilm” has prepared a series of master classes and contests. They will go in your social networks “Moscow seasons” from Monday to Friday.

So, on Monday, June 1, at 18:00 will be live with specialists the children’s center “Sausalito”. They will talk about the history of animation, types, and technology, will speak about the main stages of creating cartoons and make a toy out of paper. Presenters will also answer questions from the audience.

on Tuesday, June 2, at 12:00 will be an online lesson on animation. The class is designed for children from eight to 15 years, but to take part will be able to attend. And on 3 June at 12:00 visit “Moscow seasons” in Instagram will start the drawing for the online course of nine lessons on animation. The results will be announced June 4.

to Draw Winnie the Pooh under the guidance of experienced artists will be June 4 at 12:00. The online lesson is designed for preschoolers (aged four years) and primary school students. And on Friday, June 5, at 12:00 will play three certificate for participation in the online course on drawing. Results will be announced on 7 June.

Tuesday 12:00 visit “Moscow seasons” in the social network TikTok leading specialist of the Moscow planetarium will tell you how to explore the moon at home.

the Next edition of the project “Moscow on the pages of books” will be released on 3 June at 13:00. An excerpt from the novel “the Twelve chairs” by Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov, which focuses on the House of the peoples, read speaker, Director and teacher of stage speech Arif Rzayev.

on June 2, the Day of a healthy diet and avoiding excesses in food in Russia, a doctor and TV presenter Sergei Malozemov will hold a private kitchen master class in making healthy Breakfast. The broadcast will start at 14:00.

those who like to cook will appreciate and master classes a permanent host culinary programs “”Moscow seasons” home”, chef Yuri Scribe. Almost every week he teaches how to prepare three unique dishes for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu this week — bruschetta with guacamole and cheese mousse (June 2 at 10:00), soup of the presidential (4 June, 13:00) and cod in a creamy sauce (6 June 16:00).

4 Jun at 14:00 members of the “Moscow seasons” will be able to see the video of the curator of the contest “Flower jam”, author and presenter Natalia Zemsky. She will tell you how to create at home a real mini-garden.

in addition, the “project”Moscow seasons”home” opens a new section. Several times a week in social networks will publish secrets of conducting successful fotoblog. Subscribers will learn how to find locations for filming and how to dress to the photo make for a perfect combination of colors. Will also talk about the six major types of the lighting of the face and about composition.

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