the 33-year-old Tirhas Tekle Kifllay was found dead in Trolla in Trondheim on Tuesday this week. A fisherman found the woman in a slope near a fishing spot.

Later in the evening was her husband her charged with murder. Police believe Kifllay not have been alive after the Saturday 28. march, and that she died as a result of external violence.

Now ask the police the public for help to identify the movements of both the deceased and the defendant.

They are particularly interested in observations on the family’s VH-registered car; a gray-beige Mitsubishi Outlander 2010 model.

Drove to Storlien

the Police published Friday afternoon a video on the Facebook pages of their. In the video they pray, among other things the public to contact us if they have seen the car in the period Friday 27. march to Tuesday 7. april.

Watch the video at the bottom of the article.

They are particularly interested in sightings of the vehicle on two routes:

From the family’s house on Flatåsen to Storlien in Sweden, via the old E6 past Hommelvik, Trondheim and further to the Swedish border takes. From the family’s house to Trolla in Trondheim, via Byneset.

do you Have information that may be useful in the police drapsetterforskning? Call the police on 73489500.

the Same day that the woman will have disappeared, Saturday 28. mars, the persons charged with the husband (34) explained that he traveled to Storlien in Sweden.

ASK ABOUT the TIP: Police ask anyone who has seen the vehicle between 28. march and 7. april contact.

Photo: Police / NRK

He should have driven the family car, along the aforementioned stretch.

the Man has explained that he left in 08-the time, and came home to the family house on Flatåsen by 12-time the same day.

Composite data collection means that we are reasonably sure that your car has driven the route. And it matches with his explanation, says politioverbetjent John Ola the Violence to NRK.

Unclear whether the offender traveled alone to Sweden

According to him has the defendant given an explanation of why he traveled to Sweden this day.

– But we do not wish to go out with at the present time, ” he says.

Police asking for tips from the audience that have seen the car, the defendant or other persons in relation to the car. They are also interested in observations of objects at rest stops or along the road, which normally don’t belong there.

It is yet unclear whether the man travelled alone to Sweden or together with some. The violence will not go into what the man himself has explained this.

we try to find out in the investigation. That is why we are interested in people, if any, observed in relation to the vehicle on the stretch. There, I hope the public can help us with that, ” says Volden.

Politioverbetjent John Ola Volden

Photo: Jøte Toftaker / NRK Has questioned the couple’s three children

the Couple has three children. All were in the interrogation of the kid’s house in Trondheim, norway on Thursday, two days after the Kifllay was found dead.

the Violence won’t say anything about the children have provided information that helps the police in their efforts to clear up drapssaken.

the Defendant was questioned on the night of Wednesday. He did not acknowledge straffskyld. The day after was 34-year-old ” I four weeks, until 7. may. Two of the weeks are in full isolation, with letter,- visit and medieforbud.

No one else is suspected or charged in the case.

Court emphasized a nearby danger that evidence could be lost if the offender was not detained, then the police are completely in the initial phase of the investigation.

the Status in the drapssak, the discovery of dead woman in Trolla. Police tipstelefon 73489500 Politiadvokat Bente Bøklepp Politioverbetjent John Ola Volden

Published by the Police in Trondheim, norway on Friday, 10. april 2020