There was a fatal dog attack in the Italian province of Vercelli. A five-month-old baby was killed by the family’s pit bull.

Horrifying news in Italy. According to, in Palazzolo Vercellese, in the province of Vercelli, a five-month-old child died after an attack by the family pit bull. The parents had entrusted the child to his grandmother to go shopping.

When the child began to cry, the grandmother took the child into the garden. There the pit bull jumped up and attacked the grandmother, who then fell to the ground. The dog took the opportunity and bit the baby on the head. Despite the quick intervention of the paramedics, who arrived by helicopter, the child’s life could not be saved.

This is also reported by “Skynews”. It says the animal had no history of aggressive behavior. The pit bull was confiscated by police.

Another incident occurred in Salerno in southern Italy, as reported by “Welt”, among others. Just a few weeks ago, a 15-month-old toddler was bitten to death by two pit bulls. They ripped the child from the uncle’s arms and attacked him. The mother was seriously injured when she tried to intervene.

In Germany, certain dog breeds that are considered aggressive, such as the pit bull terrier, are not allowed and the import of the animals is prohibited. In Italy, on the other hand, the dog breed regulations were abolished in 2009, meaning that the import of the animals is permitted again, according to “Petraveller”.

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