waited for the DR’s Asia correspondent Philip Khokhar, an unpleasant surprise, when he landed in Shanghai in China, where he lives on a daily basis.

At the airport he had measured his temperature was 37,4, and it meant that the celebrity host was picked up by ambulance and taken directly to a chinese hospital, writes DR.

“Right now I’m furious, and I have, in fact, also regretted that I came back to China. There is ill, unhygienic and in fact, I’m starting to think more and more that I don’t know who has been here before me,” he tells the bbc from his hospital.

A video, as the correspondent has recorded, clearly show that the hospital appears both worn and dirty.

For all the good shown studies, to Philip Khokhar does not have corona, but it does not mean that he can take home to his residence in Shanghai.

Authorities in Shanghai have decided that all citizens must in the 14-day quarantine, and it means that Philip Khokhar the next 14 days isolated in an old hotel.

the Correspondent tells to the DR, that there are guards outside, and that he was only allowed to leave his room to retrieve the food, two times a day, put to him in front of the door.

In tonight’s edition of Horizon on DR, it follows, among other things, Philip Khokhars journey into Shanghai, and the impact it has had on him.