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the Doctor Alexander Myasnikov, known as the doctor of butchers from the program “About the main thing” on the channel “Russia-1” told about “Russian miracle” during a pandemic coronavirus.

He analyzed the statistics of mortality from COVID-19 and came to the conclusion that “the coronavirus we obviously spares”. The doctor in his Telegram-the channel that everyone is talking about the “German miracle”, forgetting about the “Russian”. According to him, in Russia the death rate from coronavirus is lower than in Germany.

He suggested that perhaps the matter of vaccination against tuberculosis (BCG), but he does not know. Myasnikov noted that the health care system of the Russian Federation with a focus on hospitals and not primary care can be more tailored.

the Doctor indicated that in Russia the number of beds per capita, as well as medical ventilators and other means of protection is higher than in the West. The expert stressed that one should not relax. Doctors can treat, but to stop the spread of the disease “can only be ourselves”, taking quarantine measures.

“We one way or another for some period of time parabolam in the mass, and so will gain the collective (herd) immunity”, – quotes Myasnikova “Evening Moscow”.

In recent days in Russia 1667 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus

butchers previously announced that the individual risks when the coronavirus is equal to zero, and the virus proved to be useful as “the world saw this pandemic, he’s not ready”. In addition, he said that the ventilators can be the source of infection.

According to the latest world health organization (who), the number of people infected with coronavirus in the world has exceeded 1.5 million people died and more than 92 thousand.

For the last day was 1667 confirmed cases COVID-19 in 49 regions of Russia. The country today recorded 13 584 cases in 82 regions.

Discharged on recovery 1045 people, including for the ppast day 250, died in 106 patients. In the sit room said that Russia had held 1.18 million tests COVID-19. Under medical supervision, remain 159 thousand people.

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