Two ferry boats have smashed into each other on India’s Brahmaputra River, with one of the boats capsizing immediately after the collision. The boats were reportedly carrying over 100 people, some of whom are feared missing.

The accident occurred on Wednesday to the north of the city of Jorhat, located in India’s northeastern state of Assam. Two ferries, traveling in opposite directions, collided on the Brahmaputra River.

Footage circulating online shows a large, heavy ferry, which carried passengers as well as a number of vehicles, smashing into a smaller passenger ferry.

Head-on collision between 2 ferries near Majuli. 120 missing. SDRF rescue operation on.

The smaller ferry capsized immediately after the collision, going underwater within seconds of the crash, disturbing video apparently shot by a passenger on the larger boat shows. People rushed out of the sinking vessel, their belongings afloat.

#Assam : Terrible accident at Nimatighat in Jorhat.Two ships crash on the mighty brahmaputra.Hundreds of passengers are still missing.

The two ferries carried over 100 people, with dozens feared missing after the collision, local media reported. No information on potential casualties was immediately available.

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