However, the people in north jutland its captain, Lucas Andersen, injured.

Subsequently, he spoke thus to the

“I could very well feel a little in the course of the first half, and I bet on the fact that I had taken the damage in the bud by going out with the same. I have never had pulled a muscle before, so I hope it is it, we are out in the. But it was a little krampelignende feeling in the rear of thigh.”

the AaB to be in action again on Friday, where there awaits a battle against nedrykningsaspiranterne from Esbjerg fB.

Whether Lucas Andersen is getting ready for this task, he durst Sunday afternoon does not comment on.

“I hope then, that it is just a tense muscle,” he said, and added:

“But otherwise I’m 100 percent comfortable with the width of the here team. Regardless of who plays, so I think that we can deliver the same expression.”

Lucas Andersen has this season been a part skadesplaget, and was spared, as the AaB earlier in the week played in pokalsemifinalen after the victory 2-0 at home over FC Copenhagen.