Pretty cheesy. Pretty much in love with detail. And quite British. One had said: Fans of the English TV-series in “Downton Abbey”-the movie full on your costs. Already during the Intro music, you will feel back in time back when you used to cheer for, resulting in the English upper – and lower – class drama, or somewhere in between. Nothing has changed. The story of the movie is quickly told. The year is 1927 and shock schwerenot – king George V and Queen Mary have announced their visit to Downton. Pure Stress for the noble family and the servants.

be picked up in-Between the Storylines of the individual characters. A Highlight is the sharp war of words between Lady Dowager Violet Crawley (the great Maggie Smith, 84), and Isobel Grey (Penelope Wilton, 73).

Smile is the List of the servants, as they trick the entourage of the Royal couple, to the high nobility, even food and drink to serve. Awkward the planned assassination, acts on the English king, the – of course – ironically, the former Irish revolutionary Tom Branson (Allen Leech, 38) is prevented. By his marriage with the deceased daughter of the Downton, is one of the dominions he now, finally, also to the nobility.

“Downton Abbey” works as a series is better

the Beautiful Michelle Dockery (37) view: as Lady Mary, which is at odds with himself, whether to lead the heir to Downton to continue, or not. And while the nobility compulsively holds to its old traditions, it is allowed to dance to the formerly nasty, scheming Valet Thomas Barrow (Rob James-Collier, 42) for the first Time in a gay club, and on equality and acceptance to hope.

“Downton Abbey” is a beautiful costume film with huge images – here you will notice that more of the Budget than usual available. It would have been nice if the Film could have been given to the individual characters that develop six squadrons had time, more space. Thus, the strip acts as a result, more like a slightly longer Christmas. A beautiful Film – but would have been a seventh season even better.