The sports streaming service DAZN has almost doubled the subscription price. Consumer advocates do not want to accept this and are now taking legal action. FOCUS online says who can now hope for a refund.

The Federal Association of Consumer Centers (vzbv) wants to take action against the sharp rise in subscription costs for the Internet sports broadcaster DAZN with a class action lawsuit. “The juicy price increases” at DAZN are not only annoying for sports fans, but also legally not permissible without their consent,” it said in a vzbv statement that FOCUS online is available.

According to the Federal Association, the price increase clause in the contracts of existing customers is “non-transparent” and “therefore ineffective”.

The vzbv is now looking for DAZN customers who are affected by the price increase during an ongoing contract. The lawsuit aims to get those affected their money back. Ideally, at least 75 euros per existing customer (with an active subscription) should be possible.

Specifically, the authority is looking for existing DAZN customers who had an active subscription before August 1, 2022 and extended it after the price increase. The authority provides a corresponding survey form online.


Upon request, the streaming service DAZN announced that it had already received a letter from vzbv in May of last year.

“We took the points raised in it very seriously and immediately sought legal advice from a leading international law firm.” The facts are complex and technical. “DAZN remains convinced that its terms and conditions are in line with applicable law.”

DAZN has been active in Germany since 2016 and has increased prices several times since then. For existing customers, the subscription price last changed in the summer of 2022. The cost of a monthly subscription had practically doubled, rising from EUR 14.99 to EUR 29.99. The price rose from 149.99 euros to 274.99 euros per year.

The cheapest DAZN subscription costs EUR 24.99 per month with a one-year contract. The streaming service’s range of services includes games in the Bundesliga and almost all games in the Champions League.

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