The trial of a double murderer is currently underway at the Itzehoe district court. The perpetrator stabbed two women, one of them his fiancee. Pictures from the crime scene were shown in court. One of the judges suffered a dizzy spell.

A trial against a 30-year-old man who stabbed two women is underway in the Itzehoe district court. When the photos from the crime scene were shown in court, one of the judges suffered a fainting spell, according to reports in the “Schwäbische Zeitung”. The judge, who has only been working at the district court since the beginning of the year, fell out of his chair. He was only able to continue the negotiation after about an hour and a half.

The case: 30-year-old Hussein M. flagged down a patrol car in Elmshorn last July and told the officers that he had stabbed two people. He then led investigators to the spot where he threw away his knife. It turned out: Hussein M. killed two women with a knife.

During the trial, Hussein M. described in detail the course of events and the motives for his crime. One of the murder victims was M.’s cousin and fiancee, the other her roommate. On July 8, the man took the train to Elmshorn and visited the woman’s house. When it opened, M. broke into the apartment and stabbed the two victims.

According to his own statements, the 30-year-old met his fiancée in Egypt in 2015 and would have spent six years with her there. At that time she was still married to another man. In 2022, the two met again in Germany and confessed their love.

Hussein M. gave the woman numerous expensive gifts after the engagement. Then his fiancee didn’t get in touch and didn’t answer the phone. After unsuccessful attempts to contact her, the man made his way to her apartment. He wanted the money back, but when the door opened, the 30-year-old stabbed the women to death with a pocket knife he was carrying in his jacket. M. is said to have been under the influence of alcohol at the time.

As the “Schwäbische Zeitung” reports, Hussein M., in contrast to the judge, took the crime scene pictures motionless. According to the report, he even seemed interested.