Does Not? Just now, after the autumn holiday? In any case, it is called the SBB. Ironically, after the fall holidays, there is a off-schedule Check of the drive motors of double-Decker trains. Are affected, according to the SBB vehicles that run on the S-Bahn network in the greater Zurich area.

cancellations although there is no due to the Revision. “Inevitable cuts of the vehicle are, however, compositions,” the SBB. Only two were partially upheld, three adjacent coupled vehicles on the road. Or instead of two, only one. Until further notice the absence of the operation of this regularly for six trains.

the S24, S8, and S2

, are found to be Affected, The reason for the Revision: In the normal maintenance of the double-deck fleet was “increased wear” on the Bearings of the drive motors. “The causes are not determined, the actual damage is relevant to safety.”

a Total of around 100’000 seats every day, about two percent less. That is to say, at least 2000 commuters and travelers need times, especially to the shock in the Morning and evening. Here, in Particular, the SBB, the sections of the S24 (Zug-Zürich HB-Weinfelden), the S8 (Winterthur-Zürich HB-Pfäffikon SZ) and S2 (Zürich airport-Zürich HB-ziegelbrücke) is called. “We ask for your understanding”, some say.

The Zurich S-Bahn recorded in the last year of 209 million passengers. And the trend is rising. The fleet consists of 61 multiple-unit trains, which, in normal operation, daily 55 are on the go. A trainset has eight traction motors. The currently investigated double-Decker multiple-unit trains from Siemens have been taken between 2006 and 2009.

After all,: First double-Decker multiple-unit trains had already worked with the new engine on the way. Of the commuters with their journey are likely to feel hardly anything. (uro)