In the case of the two Islamists from Castrop-Rauxel, who had apparently planned an attack with biological weapons, the suspicion against the Iranian brothers is confirmed. The Attorney General’s Office is now investigating the allegation of preparing a serious act of violence that is dangerous to the state.

New evidence has strengthened the suspicion against the Islamist attack planners from Castrop-Rauxel. As a spokesman for the nationwide counter-terrorism department at the public prosecutor’s office in Düsseldorf told FOCUS online, the arrest warrant against the older of the two Iranian brothers was expanded to include the accusation of preparing for a serious act of violence that was dangerous to the state.

So far, only the appointment to murder was in the room. During a detention hearing at the district court in Dortmund for the release of the older brother Monir J., the prosecutors presented new evidence that substantiate the suspicion of terrorism.

Euphoria over fresh iron powder – the disturbing “poison chats” of the alleged bio-bombers

The findings on the confiscated mobile phones have shown that the brothers were apparently in the process of acquiring the appropriate materials for the construction of a bio-weapon. According to the investigation, the highly toxic substances ricin and cyanide should be used as a basis. During a second search in the apartment of the older brother Monir J., 32, the state security officers found raw materials that could probably be used to produce a homemade toxin. The investigations into this are still ongoing.

The prosecutors also discovered references to the ideology of the terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS). According to information from this newspaper, the suspects turned to a contact point of the terrorist militia with a request for help in manufacturing a bio-bomb. The extent to which IS supported the request and instructed the two Sunni Iranians in the production of a biological weapon is still being investigated.

In addition, the authorities are investigating suspicions that the younger brother, Jalal J., was the driving force behind the preparations for the attack. The twenty-something, who is currently serving a sentence for attempted murder in the penitentiary, was leaving the closed ward of a rehab clinic in Hagen at the time of his arrest on January 7th.

On Friday, Jalal J. will also be brought to the district court in Dortmund for the detention review date. The defense attorneys for the two suspects declined to comment on the allegations.

The German anti-terrorist defense was on the trail of the accused through tips from the US federal police FBI. Accordingly, the duo was already planning to poison a larger group of people on New Year’s Eve. However, since the two could not obtain sufficient substances, the attack was to take place later.