Not once, Doris Leuthard, is it right. The online portal Nau she confessed, a “cooling-off period of four to six months” would have been ideal. Now, you should already in March – three months after her resignation from the Federal Council, co – op Board of Directors. The General Assembly is holding in the spring, not in autumn.

Until December Leuthard, Head of Swisscom’s Chairman Hansueli Loosli was. Because the Coop-President, he was able to set up the fly perfectly.

As a Federal councillor, supervised Leuthard shops, the Coop roamed, at least. So, too, the online platform Siroop, which belonged to the half of Swisscom and Coop. Loosli than double the President had driven the project significantly forward.

It ended in a Disaster, the bottom line is that a loss of 140 million francs last year, as the “trade newspaper” calculated. Of Leuthard heard never a word.

A double-President, binds the old Federal councillor, thanks to its contacts within the shortest possible time at one of his companies, to the appetite. But Switzerland is a small country with a limited talent pool, and only a handful of large companies. That you know because of each other and won’t take, is obvious. That Loosli wants for his company only the most qualified people, not less.

the distances are short. This has many advantages. You can also take time in buying that ugly exchange.