transport Minister Doris Leuthard to that next year may already learn 17-Year-old driving a car. The “Sunday newspaper” reported in its current edition, the Federal Department of the environment, transport, energy and communications (detec) has confirmed the research.

Accordingly, the outgoing Federal councillor wants that young people can, in the future, make a half-year ahead of your driver’s license than it is today. This regulation change should you want to shortly before her resignation at the end of the year by the press, the entire Federal Council should be the consent.

“30 Ständeräte overnight

” The Change is controversial. The opponents criticise that Leuthard wants to bring the business, because her successor could decide differently. It Leuthards farewell gift to the car lobby, it says in the report.

fact is: In the September 30 of 46 state councillors of all parties wanted to prevent the lowering of the minimum age for learner drivers with a Motion at the legislative level. Leuthard should now have a nifty Deal for the Silence, according to the “Sunday newspaper”. “Its a mystery to me could change, as the 30 Ständeräte overnight suddenly your mind”, is road cross-member of the Board, Zurich instructor, the President and the FDP quoted-politician Willi Wismer. And the Green-President Regula Rytz said: “It is unbelievable that the Minister of transport want lower against the will of the professional associations and road safety experts, the minimum age for learner drivers to 17 years.” (vof)