Militant muslim, which in 2002 ruled to death in Pakistan for killing Daniel Pearl, release with seven years in prison.

A court in Pakistan has struck down a death sentence to the person who in 2002 killed the journalist Daniel Pearl.

the Penalty is reduced to seven years in prison, informs the offender’s legal counsel.

at the same time three other persons, who were convicted accomplices, acquitted.

The militant muslim Sheikh Omar was in 2002 convicted and sentenced to death for having kidnapped and killed the american journalist by beheading.

The then-38-year-old Daniel Pearl, who worked for the international business newspaper the Wall Street Journal, was started with a story about islamic fundamentalism, when he was abducted in the pakistani city of Karachi.

His captors beheaded him and recorded it on a video, which was handed to the u.s. consulate in Karachi, barely a month later.

the Sheikh, who was born in the Uk, was sentenced to death by an anti-terrorism court. Three other accomplices got life in prison.

In 2011, the UNITED states released a report by the Pearl Project at Georgetown University, after a longer investigation of the circumstances of the killing of the 38-year-old american.

It was a surprising end, as the investigators came forward to. They wrote that it was the wrong people who were convicted of the gruesome murder of Pearl.

the Work on the report was led by Pearl’s friend and former colleague at the Wall Street Journal, Asra Nomani, who today is a professor at Georgetown University.

Here it was claimed that the man behind the killing of Pearl was Khalid Sheikh Mohammad. Thus the man who the U.S. says were behind the islamist attacks against the UNITED states 11. september 2001, which claimed the lives of almost 3000 people lost their lives. It was not Omar Sheikh.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was arrested in Pakistan in 2003 and flown to the US base on Cuba, Guantanamo, where he still is.

A psychologist who has interviewed him in the detention center, says that Mohammed has told him that he cut the throat of the Pearl.