iHLN, Since a large part of the population of the world, especially in the home and the use of social distancing to do, according to Spotify, significant changes in our luistergedrag where to get it. The streaming service is based on a survey among its customers around the world.

This is the number of cooking and home-like playlists, etc has increased considerably. This indicates, according to use cookies to people that are only concerned with their day to day life in your home. Podcasts about wellness and meditation, will be even more listened to. And also to create a common playlist is taking off.

Music-listeners are also more muzieklijstjes on social media than usual, probably as a way of getting in touch with your friends and followers.

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if you Choose to just mainly for heavier music, now that you are at home, are unable to work? Then, if you’re in the minority. The Tracks of the playlists to add to his more calmer nature: it is more acoustic, and less danceable, lively, and upbeat than for a while. The music is also more instrumental music instead of the vocals, or rap.

there has been a rise in ‘themed’ streams of shows. So, it was ‘Don’t Stand So Close to Me’ by The Police in recent weeks, the 135-percent more streams, as an incentive to the one and a half metres away from each other, and to keep it.
to sing Together on the balcony

From Spain and Italy, and was listened to via a Music to the songs and the people on their balconies singing to each other, the hearts to stitch. For example, the number Abbracciame of Andrea Sannino on march 13, and eight times more likely to stream than it is for the coronacrisis.

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