To the best of the web, The lack of work at the office is getting bigger, with a lot of workers. We will miss the sound of the copy machine, kletsende, colleagues, or the tapping of keyboards.While there, a Belgian researcher, Stéphane Pigeon, what’s on it: kantoorgeluiden for your home.

Now that we’re all in for the third week in a row at home, beginning of many of the office and to miss out on. There are also the sounds of our environment to. But, as so often, the internet provides a solution in the form of an online ‘audio archive’ myNoise. You will find, for example, degeluidsbeleving of the office,with all the sounds that go with it.

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As for the lines, you can control what sounds of your loud and want to hear the whole of your colleagues, or the ticking of a clock, for example. You can even set the sound is automatically changed as in a real work environment is sometimes loud and then quieter.