Since this week is clear: the sports presenter Rainer Maria Salzgeber (49) assumes the “Donnschtig-Jass” and replaced Roman Kilchsperger (48), he is assisted by Comedian Stefan Büsser (34). Star yodeler Melanie Oesch (31), who was cast out of SRF, drew the short straw. On the female Element in the audience this summer, don’t need to abstain entirely, if the selected village squares in the cards.

As a referee, have acted from the 4. July, at the Premiere of new Sonia Kälin (33), sports friends, as a four-fold oscillation, Queen known. The hermit finished at the beginning of the year due to a bad knee injury, officially, her career, and now has more time for other tasks – among others, the Jassen.

hotheads and purists against Kälin

And exactly there to talk about. Not all oscillating fans can be with the woman all the same swing to start, accordingly, some of them had to accept the trouble, Kälin to their active time as the Exponent of your favorite sports. “Changes Kälin from the sawdust ring to the Jasstisch, shifts the Problem only, and the scenery remains much the same,” says an Insider to Sunday. Between the vibrating sports and “Donnschtig-Jass”viewers, there is naturally a large amount of cutting. “Kälin when Jassen, the to certain people like a red cloth. In the process, hotheads, who had been to the Swing of trouble with her.” The Swiss television uses now for the first time a woman as an arbitrator, not a levels all as a Pioneering work.

referee Dani Mueller threw in the towel

with the occupation of this post was hard to SRF immensely. Not primarily because of the gender issue, but because first of all, almost no viable candidates left. Reason: The task is not easy, extremely responsible, and not just grateful. Except an appreciative Nod, not in the thick of it with a lot of encouragement. The slightest error, the Jassgemeinde screams – which also had to remember the previous referee Dani Müller (57). At the end of last summer, he threw in the towel – apparently for health reasons.

If this were its function, and the corresponding pressure in the connection, was the subject of the corresponding speculation. On the phone, Miller said at the time, to LOOK more ambiguous, that he had not been absent due to a flu. He further stated in writing: “I had health problems, but I get from the Doctors the green light for the remaining shows and don’t want to discuss this private matter in Public.”

Sonia Kälin could come from her past as a Schwingerin so maybe even benefit from – the skillful parrying of attacks.