Donald Trump is the KING OF DEBT RTs Keiser Report

The US Federal Reserve said recently that more than half of Americans have no money in their savings accounts. That means they are desperate and will accept whatever is happening with the ‘so-called’ stimulus, says Keiser Report.

According to show hosts Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, the current financial system glorifies debt and has no basis for savings to establish the economy with real money, like gold or bitcoin.

“The transition to the fiat world or era was straddled by the Bank of England that tried to preserve the wealth of the monarchy of Europe through the central bank. And then they started the fiat era, and then Keynesian economics, which is the religion of the fiat era…” Max explains.

“America has slipped back down into pure monarchy,” he continued, talking about the relief checks that have been promised by President Donald Trump to millions of Americans and which will bear his name.

“It’s the Fed and Trump, he was also raised in Keynesian economics, you can’t blame him, he doesn’t understand money, he just understands debt. He’s the king of debt.”

According to Max, “Every US dollar should have Trump’s picture, his signature, with the phrase “The King of Debt.”

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