Precisely as William Tell shoots Dominic Deville (45) weekly his sense of Humor-arrows – at Easter, exceptionally, only on Monday (SRF 1, 21.40 PM). Currently, without an audience, and from the own office. To bypass Corona theme, however, was never up for debate. Something or someone to exclude, is finally anti-social, says the former educator. “I’ve taught my kindergarten students.”

Deville doubted that he laces with his shipment Fears. “I don’t want to violate my Do any people,” he says, “but stick me, or neat must burn it, in my opinion. The question should not be where Satire stops, but where it begins. And there we go.”

“haven’t been Sleeping too well”

does not Concern himself with the Corona-crisis? “Actually, I haven’t been sleeping too well. Not because of my existence, but I know a lot of people from the scene come financially to the limits in the next time. But the Coiffeur around the corner, the record store on a street and my favorite Italian. Question: with the gold reserves! Now!”