Domien Loubry (35), and John Foerts (23) is to leave Brussels. In the Workshop the duo will play next season for the Wallabies Yet. The red cross, the Belgian trio, Terry Deroover, Idris Lasisi and Bram Bogaerts next year, at the public prosecutor’s office to be seen. For the Belgian to the core of the team coach to Paul Vervaeck, it is right, as well as the surrounding.

as of Or for the financial woes the interests of Brussels, the following campaign is in a first-class appointment is a big question mark. In addition Loubry, and Foerts decided Alex Lichodzijewski (35, Kortrijk, Match) to the club from the capital city to the left.

the coronacrisis outbreak in the wild in Brussels in march’s budget, first-class sale. In the Pro League, getting the club the period of time up to may 15th in order to have a licentiedossier too.

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