Before his Bundesliga debut in November 2020 as a 16-year-old, Youssoufa Moukoko was celebrated like a savior, but this magic has now evaporated after 30 league games (five goals). BVB consultant Matthias Sammer also sees failures at the club.

Escape from Dortmund is an option: At the end of last season, Borussia Dortmund’s young star Youssoufa Moukoko (17) openly flirted with a move or a loan to another club – before he revised this statement again. However, the highly talented youngster is not completely satisfied at Borsigplatz.

Short, compact, clear

Sammer admits the club’s mistakes: Dortmund’s advisor Matthias Sammer (54) praises Moukoko in “Kicker”: “I appreciate him more than anything.” The 1996 European champion takes on the club and admits mistakes: “We would have him as a club in the past we might have been able to signal more that he can be an important factor in the team.”

Future in Dortmund: However, Sammer does not fear the departure of the German U21 international. He assumes that Moukoko will attack BVB in the new season. During his professional days, the native Cameroonian was repeatedly hampered by injuries.