Dodon commented on the decision of the constitutional court of Moldova on the loan from Russia

the Cancellation of the agreement on the loan from Russia will have a negative effect on the Republic. This was stated by the President of Moldova Igor Dodon, the TV channel NTV Moldova.

According to him, the constitutional court (CC) of the country has suspended the entry into force of the law on the loan, which means the impossibility of signing in the near future. “But I was in no hurry,” said Igor Dodon, noting that if this agreement is cancelled, then the country will not have money to repair roads in the area of risk will be the investment projects and social benefits, writes RIA Novosti.

the President expressed hope that COP realizes the importance of external sources of funding. Dodon stressed that the country needed a loan from Russia and from other partners. The decision on this question the court will on Tuesday

At the meeting on the evening of 23 April, the constitutional court of Moldova suspended the agreement on the Russian loan of 200 million euros. The request was initiated by the Deputy from opposition groups ProMoldova Sergei Sirbu. Earlier, the opposition MPs also said that “the agreement contains a number of questionable provisions that pose risks to national security of Moldova.”