The CDU wants to throw the former head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Maassen, out of the party. He got involved with “racial theory” statements “unacceptably”. That may be true. But it’s not the whole story.

Hans-Georg Maassen is a member of the CDU. And now she wants to throw him out. Which is complicated because party exclusion procedures are always complicated. That’s why the Thuringian CDU – Maassen is a member of this state association – asked him to leave the party voluntarily. CDU party leader Friedrich Merz calls Maassen’s statements “unacceptable”.

And Maassen? Says his CDU is about to be taken in by a campaign by the Greens, SPD and Left Party against him. Because they want more and more immigration and ignore the unwelcome consequences of this, as they would have shown up with the New Year’s Eve riots. There is an ideology behind it – an “eliminatory racism” from the left. But one after anonther.

Axel Steier is not just any sea rescuer, but co-founder, chairman and speaker of “Lifeline”. Steier founded this organization in 2016 after the Balkan route was closed to refugees and the misery of fleeing across the Mediterranean began. On January 12, at 11:42 am, Steier posted this on Twitter:

“Everyone hopes for improvement, for an end to racism and the policy of isolation. I’m afraid that won’t happen as long as Germany exists. It’s all so entrenched and anchored in the regular structures that it can’t be solved with reforms.” As long as Germany “exists,” Steier wrote. What do you mean with that?

The activist was asked on Twitter why the refugees had to be brought to Europe. Steier replies: “Well, because we want it that way. We have the upper hand. The funny life of white bread will soon be over!”

Then a critic speaks up. He writes: “So you would like a difficult life for yourself and other people in Germany, full of insecurity, instability, aggression and violence against locals and migrants in the 3rd and 4th generation?”

Steier replies: “No, at some point there will be no more white bread, because in 50 to 100 years your descendants (obviously different from you) will choose a partner who is not white. The de-homogenization of society is progressing. I support that with my work.”

The equation that the sea rescuer comes up with is: Germans are “white bread”. The admission of refugees from non-European countries leads to a “dehomogenization” of society, which means that there will be no more white Germans in a period x.

Maassen reacted as follows: “We can be thankful for Mr. Steier. He feels so secure that he says what the driving forces in the political and media space are aiming for. Eliminatory racism against whites and the burning desire for Germany to perish.”

Maaßen writes a column in the conservative Swiss “Weltwoche”. His topic: the New Year’s Eve riots. Maaßen draws a parallel to Cologne’s New Year’s Eve 2015. Both events have in common: “Conceal and play down.” And why? Maassen’s answer: “Because the political left wants uncontrolled mass immigration – “whereby refugee protection or the immigration of skilled workers are at best pretexts.” There is an ideology behind this – the abolition of white Germans.

Maassen refers – as a former head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, he must know this – to a current within left-wing extremism, the “anti-Germans”. In fact, it appears in reports by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, and the Federal Agency for Political Education contains a paper by an extremism researcher that is well worth reading. There is also an entry on Wikipedia.

In essence and – grossly simplified – this school of thought, which dates back to 1969 and then experienced a renaissance with reunification, says: National Socialism not only discredited Germany, but also being German. And reunification should never result in a “Fourth Reich”. It’s not too far from here to the abolition of Germany as a radical left-wing wishful thinking.

Maassen judges: “Even if this appears to be the opposite of Nazi ideology, this ideology, with its anti-German and anti-white racism, the inhuman distinction between people of different classes, and with the presumption of carrying out the will of evolution and accelerating it through migration, nothing other than the racial doctrine with reversed sign. It is a human breeding program whereby the ‘white breads’ are considered inferior. That’s why the supporters of this ideology feel no empathy for German victims of migrant violence.”

Maassen is upset about a text that Behzad Karim Khani, who immigrated from Iran, wrote about the New Year’s Eve riots in the “Berliner Zeitung”. In this brilliant piece – the writer Khani was already nominated for the Bachmann Literature Prize – there is the sentence, in view of the desired immigration of 400,000 skilled workers per year: “We migrants will probably inherit this country.”

Maassen is now accused of anti-Semitism and “victim reversal”. The accusation of anti-Semitism, replies Maassen, is the “discursive death knell” in Germany. The left wants to exclude him from the political debate because he opposes their migration policy goals. “This accusation has no factual basis, and the CDU fell for a left-wing dirt campaign.”

Maassen is not alone in this opinion, it is shared by the CDU’s “Berliner Kreis”, a conservative group within the party. This Saturday, Maassen is running for the presidency of the “Values ​​Union” to campaign “for the implementation of Christian-democratic goals, for conservative and liberal values ​​and against any kind of eco-socialism and gender wokism”.

The Maassen case is complex. It’s definitely not over tomorrow. And somehow it is also a directional decision how the CDU deals with him.