With close to 100 vineyards, about as many distilleries and hundreds of microbreweries, not to mention cider houses, mead houses and other small artisanal alcohol production companies, Quebec is clearly thirsty. And not only thirst for alcohol, but also for revolution, the revolution of the “true”!

A new documentary series broadcast on Historia since Wednesday focuses on the phenomenon. Directed by Nicolas Houde-Sauvé and produced by Picbois, Thirst for Revolution follows five “protagonists”. There is Simon Naud, owner of one of the first vineyards here, La Bauge, who has not been afraid to radically renew himself in recent years, working with “living wine consultant” Steve Beauséjour (also in the series). We also discover the great creativity of La Chaufferie’s chief distiller, Vincent Van Horn, and the deep love of the terroir of mixologist Claudia Doyon, brand manager and bar manager for the distillery. In Granby, they produce 100% local, without compromise.

Then the series testifies to the tireless investment in its community of the quartet of the microbrewery Les Grands Bois, which put the village of Saint-Casimir “on the map”. Mathieu Tessier is their Director of Sales and main spokesperson. To find out more about these industries, each of which is experiencing its hour of glory, but also many challenges, we will be captivated by the 10 30-minute episodes, perhaps even with a drink in hand, on Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. .