MOSCOW, may 4 – RIA Novosti. The most harmful habits in humans during isolation on the background of the pandemic coronavirus are overeating, drinking alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle. This “Evening Moscow” said the nutritionist Alexander Kirilenko and immunologist Anatoly Ustashi.

According to Kirilenko, the biggest mistake that people in isolation — it’s a night of overeating. Under the influence of negative messages about the pandemic, they often “seize” of the problem, using a lot of fast food, carbonated drinks. The nutritionist noted that, thus, those who have hidden chronic diseases, pave the way for their more striking manifestations.

“This way of life is the path to obesity, appearance of diabetes, the heart disease. Worsens hormonal balance, increases the risk of atherosclerosis, dementia,” warned the doctor. Along with overeating Kirilenko also highlighted the detrimental interest to alcohol.

Immunologist Anatoly Ostashev noted that the third, not less pernicious habit is long sitting at the computer. “As usually happens, a person work out the change, and it is, in theory, is not a bad idea to walk around the apartment, to do some warm-up, stretch your body. And what does the majority? They continue to sit and switch to watching all movies, games and other entertainment programs,” said the doctor.

According to him, sedentary lifestyle increases the risks of heart attacks, strokes and oncological diseases. “No matter how much you may be years, five times a week you need to sweat from the physical exertion: exercise, squats, workouts, exercises, cardio”, — concluded the expert.

Pandemic COVID-19 covered most of the countries of the world. According to the latest who data, the total infected more than 3.3 million people, of which approximately 238 thousand died, more than a million recovered.

Russia is in seventh place for the number infected. In the country diagnosed COVID-19 for 134 687 people (per day 10 663 new cases), of which more than 16 thousand patients were cured. From the disease died 1280 people.

the Russians were asked to stay home during the epidemic. In many regions, including Moscow and the Moscow region, entered admission. In addition, the suspension of international air and rail links.

Current data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.