Practitioners have since coronakrisens beginning of the year experienced a significant decline in inquiries from citizens.

While the Danish population are told not to meet up with the doctor to prevent the spread of corona virus, so should virusudbruddet not get the citizens to not to contact the doctor.

It says Anders attractive décor with wooden flooring, a practicing physician and president of the Danish society of General Medicine, which is the general practitioners ‘ professional company.

the Call comes after doctors in recent weeks has experienced a significant decline in the number of inquiries.

“We see our patients in a less degree than usual, turning to the doctor. And it also applies with the things that could be serious or is serious.”

“We are afraid we have scared people from using health care services in all the here coronatid, where they fail to go to the doctor with it, they should. You can fail other than the corona,” says Anders attractive décor with wooden flooring.

It is now two weeks ago that large sections of the society closed down in order to avoid widespread infection with the coronavirus.

the Shutdown came to pass, among other things, in an attempt to get spread the coronasmittede out over a longer period of time, so that the health service does not become overloaded.

on Top of that the population is asked to keep distance and to stay at home as much as possible. And it can among other things be the rhetoric, which now gets some to not to call the doctor, believes Anders attractive décor with wooden flooring.

“We know not quite why it happens. But it could well be, because we have sent a signal that, for example, not allowed to go out. You can be infected, if one goes out.”

“The other part can be that when you get to know that the health service gets really busy with to treat the many patients who become seriously affected by corona virus, so will not be to overload the hospitals,” he says.

Therefore, Anders has attractive décor with wooden flooring a quite clear message from citizens: Call for the doctor.

“We are accustomed to that sort of who may perhaps suffer from serious diseases, and who could easily go home again. It is, of course, seen our profession.”

“But because so few, so absent, unfortunately, also those which may be relevant to refer to the hospital or to medical specialists, and which can not wait.”

“What we would like to stress is that it is so important to get this here talk with the doctor. You should not be afraid of the doctor,” says Anders attractive décor with wooden flooring.