that’s a clear message to the social media calls out the ex-mountain biker, He women’s race at the symptoms of a Covid-19 immediately, or to stop the exercise. For the past few days the death of a young patient, after the virus had been transferred to them. Was Tom Teulingkx supports the recommendation of the women’s race. “We still don’t know how prone the heart is to the virus.”

the Move has been, and continues to be healthy. Walking, running, and cycling, and in this moment light, highly recommended, activities. But for those who have a fever or any other symptoms of a Covid-19, is the best thing to do on the brakes. Then, will exercise strongly discouraged, and the rest of the commandments.

That’s not to say women’s race, but it was Tom Teulingkx. Viral infections, such as Covid-19 and can cause serious problems to the heart. In the worst case, myocarditis is known as a inflammation of the heart muscle. This can be done on all ages, be done, and it can be fatal.

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if you have a viral infection, there are a lot of virus in the blood stream, ” explains Teulingkx out. “When you exercise, blood is quickly flowing through the body. The chance is also greater that the virus attaches to the heart muscle, and inflammation causes by which the function is being compromised.”

Such an infection can be fatal. It is not uncommon that men are hardly affected. “It is possible there is scar tissue to arise, and this can eventually lead to heart rhythm disturbances.”


the Doctors are advising us to not exercise with a fever. That advice goes for any infection, so the flu, but Covid-19. “We still don’t know how prone the heart is to the virus. We must therefore remain alert,” says Teulingkx.

those Who are sick and then wants to re-energize, rebuild, according to the doctor is also the best mark in. “After healing, the virus is usually not far away. The guideline is to post the number of days to rest and that is you have a fever you have had. So if you have four days, the fever had four days to rest before starting back, for example, on the road on all fours.”

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