Doctor butcher doctor about, hiding the infection of coronavirus: it is incompetent

the Chief freelance specialist of Ministry of health of the Stavropol Irina Sannikova became involved in the case due to the fact that on his return from Spain did not abide by the quarantine imposed on the background of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. This broadcast channel “Russia 24” commented the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov.

“we Have doctors who just professionally unfit. She (Sannikov EDS.), probably, too different, – said Myasnikov. – This is probably the low level of professional education”.

According to the doctor, today, not only Russian legislation, but also the laws of many other countries provide for liability for concealment of the disease.

“It is a criminal offence and carries a prison term,” – said Myasnikov.

Informed butchers said that today the planes are the same distributors of the virus, which in the Middle ages it was rats that spread the plague. According to him, while people are flying and until you enter the restrictions for the flights, the coronavirus will spread.

as for Sannikova, which after returning from Spain, was diagnosed with coronavirus, in its relation criminal case under two articles: “Negligence” and “Concealment of information on circumstances creating danger to life or health.”