The lawyer of victims on the case about road accident with participation of Mikhail Efremov Alexander Dobrovinsky gave a grunt when asked about the insults to the address of the defendant, reports REN TV. The lawyer recalled that the actor is a fan of “Spartak”.

Earlier Yefremov expressed his dissatisfaction with the words Dobrovinsky that at a meeting of the artist “was silent and grunts”. The actor asked the court to make a point representative of the victims.

Commenting on the situation at the request of journalists, Dobrovinsky suddenly grunted-than-amused members of the media.

Then the lawyer explained that the sound depicting grunting, can be regarded as a response to Ephraim, who is a fan of “Spartacus.” The lawyer said that if the artist was sick for CSKA, he would have imitated the sound of other animals.

As reported by “Rambler”, August 5, in court the inspector of traffic police, were present at the scene of a deadly crash with Efremov said that the actor immediately after the collision, admitted that he sat behind the wheel of his SUV. In addition, according to law enforcement reports, the actor stated that was driving in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.