Actress Tatyana Vasileva in his new post on Instagram was criticized opposition leader Alexei Navalny for calling to impose sanctions against Russian oligarchs. In comments came a politician Ilya Yashin and called the act “shameful”.

Vasiliev noted that the coronavirus “has not only the people but also for Economics and business”, and urged “a little tough”.

“Certainly things will get better and be well again. Unless, of course, Navalny will not be back to beg Europe to enter against Russia new sanctions. Yes, he’s asking to hit the oligarchs. But the fool is clear that ultimately these sanctions will have to pay ordinary people – the workers in these factories and enterprises”, – said the actress (spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter saved).

She wrote that Russia”, and so hampered by these sanctions,” and “dollar rides”, and called Navalny calls “a blatant betrayal of his people.”

“Lord, do not disgrace. So much pathos in your words, but in fact – to protect corrupt officials who steal with impunity here, but prefer to spend a cosy Europe”, – said the actress Yashin.

He stressed that the sanctions list of oligarchs – this is to protect the people’s interests. Vasilyev asked not to judge her for her “sincere attitude” and stated that “truth speaks” not only Yashin.

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As reported by “the Rambler”, on the debate of the European Parliament Committee on foreign Affairs Navalny called on the EU to create a new strategy of relations with Russia and to impose sanctions against people close to President Vladimir Putin. He called on the EU to analyze the sources of income of Roman Abramovich, Alisher Usmanov and family Rotenberg.