DNR and Ukraine exchanged prisoners

In the Donbass, it was the exchange of detainees between the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic and Ukraine. The DNR reported the exchange according to the “nine ten”. One man refused to return to the territory of the Republic. Kiev has described the return of 19 citizens of Ukraine. Today is a scheduled exchange of prisoners with the LC.

Initially, the DNI announced that the exchange took place according to the formula “9 Ukrainians in 11 residents DNR”, it was discussed on the website of the Ombudsman of the Republic. However, one man refused to return to the NPT, so the conditions were adjusted.

“Just completed the process of exchange of detainees between the Donetsk people’s Republic and the government of Ukraine. He returned home ten people, one refused to move to the territory DND”, — reported on the website of the Commissioner. Liberated residents have medical care, they provide food and material aid.

Office of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that “Ukraine returns 19 citizens.” “Started the next stage of the mutual release of detained persons: Ukraine returns 19 of its citizens in captivity in the temporarily occupied territories”, — stated in the message of office of the President the Telegram channel. it is Noted that after the return of the Ukrainians will be “compulsory observation” in connection with the spread of the coronavirus.

today, April 16, planned exchange of prisoners with Luhansk people’s Republic. It is expected that it will pass under the formula “11 Ukrainians in 7 residents of the LC”.

In the area of the checkpoint “Maori” on the outskirts of Gorlovka are working, the OSCE observers, staff of the joint center for control and coordination of ceasefire and the representatives of the Ombudsman DND.

About the problems in the work of the trilateral contact group on the Donbas — in the material “Kommersant” “the Donbas is not a phone conversation.”