had been hoarding a large burden for the employees, said Werner in an interview with the “Handelsblatt”. “We supply in our markets every day, two million customers. Suddenly, the feeling arose that things enough, because there are some subjective feel threatened and are not as accommodating as usual. There is some serious hostility. I, too, have bitter get angry letters: for example, how our staff could presume to regulate how much toilet paper you buy should.”

toilet paper replenishment is assured

Werner admits that he, too, was asked to start the customer with all the toilet paper. “A Declaration that we The people are now just at home, not in the office or in Hotels, and remember that the role is fast running out. As a result, the demand in the trade rises, the goods in the Shop from sold faster. This notice, in turn, the customers and start to stockpile.” The dm-chief, however, is clear: “The replenishment is secured.”

Also interesting: Not only is toilet paper: Figures show how German can be used for the Corona-crisis obtained supplies of

dm customers according to a formula of pure

For the customer, no dm has set let now a clear set of rules, explains Werner: Currently, the formula “loading area x 0.7 / 10 loud”. The target is to ensure that the ten square meters of sales area a customer is in the market and the authorities have nothing to complain about.

Werner itself continues to work from the office, his staff in the Management, but for the most part in the home office. The employees need to keep in the branches, the position, currently have to do with increasingly hectic and also aggressive clients, the dm-chief. This is a huge burden – coupled with the fear of the Virus to infect. “Trade is actually a social event,” says Werner. The need to organize a customer Advisory is now at a distance, contrary to the concept. “This is a very difficult Situation.”

“Heroic efforts under difficult conditions,”

“Overall, I see a hero use under these difficult conditions,” said Werner about his staff. The staff can also do to continue your Job in the best way possible, the dm-chief of clear rules by the authorities. Inconsistency is a massive Problem: “We need clarity so that our managers can be in the stores meet the requirements.”

with regard to the now activated state AIDS Werner has no final assessment: “to be honest overviews of the currently. For the retail sale of two points: the Rent, enormous fixed costs, being here, and even now when loans are granted, must be eventually paid back. What if the business is so broke strong? The second point concerns the behavior of the customers: Maybe that will change shopping habits in a sustainable way. It is conceivable, for example, that people are discovering now, as much as you can online or via tele-work to do, and that you will make in the future, due to less business travel. This would have a huge impact on the hotel industry and mobility.”

However, Werner says that there are, in his opinion, no Alternative to the government-mandated radical restrictions of public life. It will go to the people. The dm-chief does not at this point an assessment of his father: “The economy is for the people, not man for the economy.”

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