After two years on the back burner, the DLD digital conference is back – bigger than ever. More than 100 prominent representatives of the international digital and start-up scene will meet in Munich and discuss how uncertain times are shaping the major trends of the future.

Pandemic, war in Europe, climate change all over the world – it takes a certain amount of defiance to be optimistic about the future given the mix of crises in recent years. It is precisely this optimism that DLD founder Steffi Czerny has taken up the cause of. “For many, the current global political situation is overwhelming and frightening,” she says. “That’s why it’s more important than ever to clearly name challenges and identify opportunities with which we can meet the new realities.” This describes the program of the first major DLD conference after Corona in sufficient detail. Motto: “Reality Rules?!” Does reality still count?!

From May 20th to 22nd, around 1,000 DLD guests, speakers and journalists will meet in the Gasteig cultural center in Munich to exchange ideas for the future. The consequences and challenges of climate change and the energy crisis are discussed, as well as technological breakthroughs in the production of CO2-neutral fuels and fantasies such as the metaverse.

The line-up of the conference is top-class: DAX companies such as Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn and Merck send participants from the boardroom. They alternate on stages with German and international start-up founders: Philipp Furler, for example, has specialized in the production of CO2-neutral fuel from light and solar energy with his company Synhelion.

The Munich-based startup Marvel Fusion wants to use fusion energy to develop a CO2-free energy solution as a contribution to the global energy transition – COO Heike Freund talks about it at the DLD. Also on the guest list: Amazon’s head of technology Werner Vogels, BMW HR director Ilka Horstmeier and the Federal Minister for Education and Research Bettina Stark-Watzinger.

DLD Munich is Hubert Burda Media’s digital conference. It will take place on May 20th to 22nd – for the first time since Corona again as a big event on site. DLD Munich’s motto is “Reality rules?!”. The keynote speeches and panels touch on all the important topics of the digital revolution. Virtual participation is free, only registration is required. All further information as well as the detailed program can be found here.

The event comprises around 70 panels in total. You can find more and more up-to-date information about the speakers and their presentations on the website, where you can watch the videos of the event during and after the conference.