Behind their turntables, Tanja La Croix (37) blossoms. For years, she is one of the most successful Swiss DJs. Whether in Mykonos (Greece), or in Zurich at the Street Parade: When people are dancing to your Sound, you happy.

Now the Clubs are closed, the canceled gigs. For two weeks, Tanja Wettach, such as the artist citizen is in their 120-square-meter apartment in Wallisellen, ZH alone. “I’m not seeing anyone. From reason my mother not once, and certainly not my grandmother,” she says.

With your friends you meet daily Face-Time Events. “We cook and eat together, talk, laugh, and sometimes a tear flows. Not all are so okay with being alone, I fortunately. At least, almost always.”

For almost five years, Tanja La Croix Single, a man is not to meet physically, is up to date. And virtual is not an Option for you. “I must be able to perceive the Aura of my partner. If the chemistry fits or not, I know only in a personal Moment. Therefore, Dating platforms are not for me.”

Tanja La Croix dreams of a man and a child

she appreciates the dialogue with the self. “Finally I can paint my empty canvas. This has always been a passion of mine and serves as my daily relaxation.” In addition to shopping, you will venture toward the evening on a stroll, to meet, in the best case anyone.

“I think this can be for all of us an important time. If we provide you – in addition to the struggle for Survival and the future – to align what is important to us and what is not.” It was clear the music and hope to one day start her own family. To be “classic with my husband’s parents, would be perfect for me. To have a child without a father, is not for me.”

“to Me hugs”

the absence of The Single woman trying to experience the Lockdown as positive as possible. And yet, you are missing something the most: “for Me, the hugs are missing.”

tonight, she is with her DJ-Set from 20 PM to be a guest at “Stars@Home” will be on view TV. “I have compiled my music in a way that you like, from Young to Old all.” In the past few days, artists such as Jael (40), DJ Antoine (44), Peter Reber (70), Linda Fäh (32), Luca Hänni (25) or Adrian Stern (45) performed at “Stars@Home”.

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