“Layla” singer DJ Robin thinks the remix “L’amour toujours” by Gigi D’Agostino is “really good”. It’s all the worse what right-wing extremist partygoers have made of it, says the Ballermann star, who is currently performing in Mallorca, in an interview with our editorial team: “It’s really bad that such a great song has become unplayable.”

Even without a ban, the 28-year-old explains, “a normal DJ with some sense in his head won’t play this song anymore – and no one with any sense would sing such disgusting lyrics.”

DJ Robin knows from his own experience what bans do. When the city council in Würzburg put his “Layla” on the index, this greatly accelerated the nationwide success of the party song. However, “Layla” cannot be compared to the excesses of “L’amour toujours”, says the singer from Ditzingen: “‘Layla’ is a party song with funny lyrics – the current discussion after the Sylt party video is about a text with right-wing extremist views.”

DJ Robin does not believe that a ban on the brown hate anthem will encourage people to sing the right-wing extremist lyrics or even do so on purpose: “The people who chant that are all idiots anyway.”

Gigi D’Agostino can’t do anything about it. But every DJ who plays the song must now expect that there will always be idiots who sing something different. “To counteract that, I would stop doing it for now,” says the 28-year-old, “and every DJ who plays the song anyway would be thrown out of my store and would no longer be allowed to perform there.”

The disgusting misuse of the song is spreading very quickly through social media. This not only harms the people who sing it, but also the DJ and the organizers.

Now, instead of “Foreigners out – Germany for the Germans”, the song has these new lyrics: “Nazis out – Germany is multinational”. Will this really catch on?

By Uwe Bogen

The original of this article ““Layla” singer: “Nobody with any sense sings such disgusting lyrics”” comes from STUTTGARTER ZEITUNG.