Once again Lidl has to deal with the accusation of animal cruelty. The Albert Schweitzer Foundation has now published undercover recordings intended to show the horrible conditions at a chicken supplier from Austria.

For the fourth time in a few weeks, a supplier to the discounter Lidl has been criticized for keeping animals. The current case is about a chicken farm from Austria. Secret recordings that the Albert Schweitzer Foundation has now published are intended to show the precarious conditions under which the animals have to live.

The video shows how countless chickens have to live in a very small space. Some of them are already dead. You can also see how some animals are run over by a transport vehicle.

Important note: Some of the scenes in the video are very shocking and unappetizing. Please consider this before clicking the link.

But that’s not the biggest problem. Regardless of how they are kept, the animals are bred in such a way that they build up a lot of muscle mass very quickly. Other organs cannot keep up at this rate, leading to bone deformities and pain. Many chickens could not even drink properly.

The Albert Schweitzer Foundation is now asking Lidl to join the European Chicken Initiative. This prescribes higher husbandry standards and healthier breeds. Among others, the Lidl competitors Aldi, Norma and Globus have already joined this initiative.

The original of this article “Albert Schweitzer Foundation accuses Lidl suppliers of animal cruelty” comes from chip.de.