Completely naked, he ran again and again out of a hallway on the street, spoke to people, or waved to them. When the police knocked on his apartment door, he stood in Adam’s costume in the doorway and announced, so now to the railway station. As the police said, the, was, the man suddenly hands and missed a officials a slap in the face. The police officers overwhelmed the 35-Year-old that was solid physically, spitting, and with a torrent of insults to resist. He was admitted at the instigation of the office for public order, according to PsychKG in. A Patrol car accompanied the ambulance. The police wrote Ads because of public nuisance, a physical attack on and resistance against enforcement officials, as well as insulting on a sexual basis.

Unknown broke at the weekend in the sports hall in the low Heath. You hebelten an emergency exit door and fire extinguisher, mirrors, and escape route stolen light. Information, please contact the police in Werdohl.

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