In the court dispute between Ernst August von Hanover and his son Ernst August jr. from Hanover a decision was made on Friday: the lawsuit will be dismissed.

Today, Friday, the district court in Hanover decided on a case that has occupied the German nobility for years. Ernst August von Hanover had his son Ernst August jr. von Hannover sued – but then sold his claims to a company: EAH BetriebsgmbH. A verdict has now been reached on the matter.

The husband of Caroline von Hannover (65) threw his son Ernst August jr. von Hanover – from the marriage to Chantal Hochuli (67) – “gross ingratitude” because he wanted to sell the Marienburg to the public sector against his will. Both the Marienburg and the Calenberg estate in the community of Pattensen-Schulenburg demanded Ernst August’s return to his son after the donation. In March 2022, Ernst August von Hanover finally assigned his claims to EAH BetriebsgmbH. The matter was examined at the Hanover Regional Court – the decision of the instance: the lawsuit is dismissed.

Anyone hoping for a meeting between the quarreling father-son duo was disappointed today. Neither Ernst August von Hanover nor his son Ernst August jr. von Hanover appeared in court in person on Friday. According to the district court, the decision in the civil proceedings was announced by reading out the verdict in a public session. The decision is sent to the two German nobles in writing. Ernst August Jr. von Hannover was always confident when it came to the pronouncement of the verdict.

In 1999, Ernst August of Hanover married the sister of Prince Albert of Monaco (64). The couple has been officially separated since 2007, but have not divorced to this day. The 68-year-old is now leading a new life in Madrid – with a new woman at his side. Claudia Stilianopoulos (48) finally seems to bring more calm to the life of the scandalous German aristocrat. It is said that the artist is currently saving Ernst August von Hanover from ruin.

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